Digital Channels

SuperChannel WACX-TV broadcast at "maximum power"  on one of the tallest towers in Florida, (1740 feet amsl).

WACX-TV can be viewed via off-air antenna, Cable, Satellite, AT&T, CenturyLink, or internet.

HOME ANTENNA. Through your rabbit ears or outside antenna you can view:

  Channel 55.1 - SuperChannel WACX TV
  Channel 55.2 – Aliento Vision
  Channel 55.3 - GEB America 
  Channel 55.4 - SonLife Broadcasting
  Channel 55.5 - QVC
  Channel 55.6 - Victory Channel
  Channel 55.7 – SuperChannel-2
  Channel 55.8 – CBN NEWS Network
  Channel 55.9 -  HSN
  Channel 55.10 - J. U. M. P. Global Network
  Channel 55.11 - Mega TV - Orlando

Using your remote, direct your TV to "Rescan" off-air channels and you should get these digital channels from WACX-TV.

Remember, you can have satellite or cable...and also watch off-air channels using your "input" button on your TV controls via a home antenna. For assistance, call (407) 263-4040 ext.206.

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